Zelený Les is a protected conservation site. Artists must consider the impact of created forms on the environment and be sensitive to alterations of the landscape that may be irrevocable. The residency does not provide dedicated indoor studio space, on-site internet access, a wood/metal shop, or other specialized equipment to create work. Limited space is available for temporary storage of materials or equipment that artists bring with them. Material that artists find on, or about, the land may be utilized as well as raw materials they choose to bring with them. All materials found at Zelený Les and used in the creation of work must remain on the land at the end of the project. All items brought to the land by residents in the creation of their work must leave the land at the end of the project. Proposed site-specific or responsive work may or may not be permanent or relocatable. Artists retain full ownership of any on-site image documentation they produce during their residency.

Participants sign a liability waiver as a condition of their participation.

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